-You will need to own the corresponding platform and have knowledge of how to use scripts in a platform before you can dig into custom scripts.  Please contact that provider for information on using custom scripts with that platform.  We do not provide platform education.  We suggest you learn all you can about applying scripts to your charts and lists, and just get a good feel for your platform.  This will help you get the best results from a custom scripting service provided by anyone, not only us.  

-We have only the goal of meeting your specific scripting specifications.  Though we would love for you to profit of course, at no time do or can we say that our scripting will improve anyone's profit results. Many factors will play into live success and failure that we cannot control. The user of the script assumes the risk at all times.​

We will not sell or share your data, scripts or personal info with any 3rd-party. We will never revamp to sell your custom-ordered script or shared data. The sale and delivery of your order is secure and never seen by the public.


We know how to make complex scripts, and we know WHEN TO KEEP IT SIMPLE.
We have access to talented scripters and market analysis technicians.
We can get you the indicator or strategy displayed on your screen the way you want it.
We do not force ideas to our clients, remaining neutral on market positionING.
Send us your wish list and we'll email you a catalog tailored to suit your INQUIRY.
We have a good rate of returning customers; feedback has been great!

The Supported Programming Languages

1. Thinkscript - for the ThinkOrSwim Platform - Features a vast ability in printing colorful charts, with the capability to pack loads of information into your monitors in a small amount of space. You can access future and historic bars easily in their language, making for powerful scripts. Even with the language's limitations in automation, we can still code some great analysis devices, and complex combos as well, while always looking sharp on your screen. (TDA brokerage needed) 
2. Pinescript - for the TradingView Platform - We believe this platform is about to take off. They are linking themselves to brokers in the upcoming year, and we expect an uptick in pinescript usage. What is great about it is that you can chart things quickly with small amounts of code, and they offer strategy entry/exit capability.  Currently, TradingView charting is free to use and view online for anyone, no broker needed. (TradingView and exchanges' paid services for real-time data) 
3. Easylanguage - for TradeStation and MultiCharts - we are using TradeStation to code most of our heavy-duty scripts. What TradeStation might lack in the graphics sweetness that the other 2 have, it makes up for in power. The language is a bit more adept to strategies.  TradeStation strategies and the platform's systems of using them are accurate, and the back-testing analysis is outstanding. We can code plenty of studies and indicators into Easylanguage as well. (TradeStation in-house brokerage required, pay for real-time data) 

Limited support based on your platform needs:

4.  C# .NET - Several Platforms              5.  VBA / Excel based - Data Imported