Custom script workshop

Have you had this idea in your head for an indicator on your chart for years, but you never had the time to learn how to code using the language for your platform? This is who we are targeting for our custom scripting services. In the process of making a script for a client, we communicate along the way to ensure everything about the script is coming together as planned. We aim to make every customer's brainchild a reality in the charts.  Automation isn't always possible, but if it is we can help with that as well.



Other Services

  • Store Catalog
  • Scripting Education
  • Script Translation
  • Automated Systems
  • Chart Graphics
  • Analysis Techniques
  • Statistical Data Mining
  • Platform to Excel
  • Scanners & Watch-lists
  • Script Repair / Enhancement



As always, computer languages have limitations, depending on the language; it's usually minor. We have been able to help some people with the most complex of script ideas. For inquiries, go to our "Get Started" page and fill out the form. We specialize in easylanguage, thinkscript, and pinescript languages. If you see something done in one language, chances are we can make it happen in another. Our head programmer is "B3", musician and music lover as well if you get the reference. B3's scripts have become popular on blogs and chat rooms across several mediums and platforms. Now you can tap into his library of logic and engineering. Contact us today!