• The two indicators stand alone well but are designed to work together and sold as a pair. 
  • Traders can apply this setup to a wide variety of range based trading strategies. 
    • This script can certainly be helpful to any strategies that use an ABCDE, etc. approach to trading patterns (Gartley, Elliot, Fibonacci Clusters).  
    • Our focus is on using the collective levels created by this system as a guide to your estimation of future range.
    • Non-lagging means that the levels print far ahead of price reaching them and this will improve your trade decisions and confidence.
  • It works for many symbols and instruments that make a tradable chart. 
    • Due to the vast differences in currency, futures and stock prices some input adjustments may be required to make your initial setup.
  • Intended for the use of short-term trading and untested on long-term strategies. 
    • We test everything for sale on the SCRIPTaCHART website.
  • Caveat: the Fibonacci study is huge, and should be kept to 1 to 3 instances per processor.  The Measured Move ABC-XYZ is separated into its own study to improve performance.

Using a customized zigzag study, FIBONACCI ABC-XYZ finds the points from which to draw range percentages and then automatically draws them.  ABC refers to the high--low--retrace, or reverse the high and low.  XYZ refers to the most recent 3 sets of retracements where sets X and Z retrace in the opposite direction of set Y.  Then, it draws a second set from each XYZ creating duality in the drawings. This generates two "A" points per given "B" point.  This brings the total to 6 sets of levels that work together X, xx, Y, yy, Z, and zz.  There are on/off switches for everything, including lines, bubbles, labels, colors and the triangulation cloud.


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Included in the sale is a PDF that explains how the setup works in greater detail.  Also, it will have more picture sequences of trades that fit the setup.  Here is a simple fade setup that worked well.  The long trade found its Fibonacci extension targets, so if you held on for glory from the lower left support shown here, good job!  If the long move is completed, you see a layout of Fib-sets and measured move targets for the short swing.

ABC-XYZ - Trading System 

FIBONACCI ABC-XYZ    { Retracements + Extensions + Triangulation }

Picture Glossary

Currently, we offer it only in thinkscript.  If you would like to replace the custom zigzag signal with a peak and valley recognition study of your own, we can attempt to build that for you.  Just use the GET STARTED page to share your interest in doing so, and we will get you set up.  If you are a trader that uses Fibonacci, Measure Moves, or Harmonic/Wave Patterns, this system is diversely capable making your life easier and you will see the framed market much more easily and quickly react.  Every purchase comes with a user-manual that has all of the inputs explained, as well as many more pictures and situations.  Click on the link below to order!

​Read the images below to learn more.  Below that is a quick sequence showing off the system's forward-looking, NON-LAGGING nature.  

Click images to zoom.
We have posted several live shots 
via tweets.

Using the same methods as the Fibonacci ABC-XYZ, we find the 2 most recent measured moves and project them from each point "B," and again offering 6 measurements of historic movement.  Bubbles, lines, and/or clouds depict where you may expect price to stall in the next move.  When the clouds focus smaller they are telling you price is orderly, or if the clouds enlarge it tells you behavior has been less orderly.

Fibonacci ABC-XYZ +

Measured Move ABC-XYZ