Set up to have three sets of trendlines and corresponding price levels automatically drawn for you.  At times you might want to change the input lengths to adjust to certain charts so you can catch a specific point.  The script is extremely customizable, with an individual on/off switch for about everything you see.  

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AutoDraw TrendLines PriceLevels

Method Painter

Many platforms offer the ability to draw Fibonacci retracements, but not many will draw them automatically for you. It finds the newly formed edges and draw the levels in real-time. There are a few ways to adjust the graphics to suit your clutter tolerance. Offered in thinkscript and pinescript languages.

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Fibonacci AutoDraw

In this bar and candle color painter you find six ways to show the trend. Using methods that have been around for years, the trader uses the coloring to adjust to new trends or react to their systems.  Choose the method that suits your trading style the best.

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