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Like what you see in the pictures throughout the links but want a different system?  We can code your entry and exit system into this setup, just "Get Started!"


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One of the keys to successful trading systems is knowing that your systems are capable of achieving your set fitness goals.  We designed our backtesting models for use as indicators and show you the success of the indicators’ base signaling. This means past signals are not literal trades, and they do not predict future trades. Past results rarely predict future results.The models make quantitative system trading simple, providing a great starting point to then apply your own proper trade mechanics involving risk reward ratio and range expectations. 

The stats result in a series of labels tell you the indicator's recently made profit factor, payoff ratio, % profitable,  averages, and excursions.  ​The upper study shows these and current trade projections in detail.  The optional lower study shows a graph with slightly different labeling.  You can set the lower to show the cumulative profit/loss, the averages, trade excursions, or an oscillator.  Manually align all of the inputs to match the upper study's inputs to pair them.  The benefit of the lower graph is that it will point out in the chart when the signals were increasing or decreasing system fitness.



We include a video with any backtest model purchase, and it explains in detail what each element of the script contains and how to approach using the inputs.​ There are a lot of features packed into these powerful models, and we aim to help you get the most out of them. All of the B3_Backtest Models work on all futures, ETFs, and stocks using time or tick charts.  Range charts, and currency/pairs/fx are NOT supported.