This is a moving average that is extremely smooth and generates trend switching signals. Included is a switch for two types of signaling, labels for the signal pricing, and completely colorized in terms of bias and candle paint. We currently offer it on a few platforms and shown here in thinkscript.

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20 : 50 MEAN


Another very smooth moving average that is based on the 20 simple MA and 50 simple MA. Instead of using the typical crossing pattern, a mean of the two is made into a one-line signal generator.  Paint and ornaments on the chart are all colored to this moving average's trend bias. Shown here in thinkscript. Click image for more details!

Though this indicator was designed for thinkscript, it has been translated to easylanguage with great results, as shown here.  It is still a viable, smooth and quick moving average from which to make signaling.  In addition, within thinkscript, it also has a special graphical display.

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