A simple momentum indicator that uses volume to indicate the mass in the classic formula: momentum = mass * velocity.  It looks for the very near term directional flow, as well as define overages and flat chart action.  Unlike most other scripts of ours, this one is different from language to language. Click the picture for more details.

A new take on a classic, Extended Stochastic is exactly what it suggests. The readings are allowed to go beyond 0 and 100.  This design helps measure the strength or extremeness of an overbought or oversold signal.  You can set the script to a different time-frame larger than the chart.  Click the picture for more details.

Directional Trend Index

Volume Weighted Momentum

William Blau is the designer of this gem! Simply trading long when rising or short when falling is all that is needed to execute a system. This oscillator works on all symbols & time-frames, and especially well on the more "trendier" instruments. The indicator shown here in TradingView is available on other platforms as well. Click the picture for more details.

Extended Stochastics