Printing the range of secondary time periods upon the current time period, this gives the trader an idea of how far to expect the price to move if it repeats history. Usually, traders use this as a tool for taking profits, looking for reversals or simply looking to see if range offers enough potential. 

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Support and Resistance areas are based on a pivot and Fibonacci percent distance away from them. The idea is that you are trying to find symmetry in the small time cycle. The default is a cycle of 5 days, however, you can change the cycle in many ways. Pivots like this are common, but they often frame data well. Click the picture for more details!

This one plots the high and low point of the input period.  Then historic points are stored until they are broken or new ranges are set by the price action. Comes with candle paint, and for thinkscript only, a scoring system to rate the recent breakout trends. Breakouts are shown well in any language.

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Support / Resistance MTF

Level Break

Fibonacci Pivot S/R