ATR BreakEven

Here is an indicator designed to give you the tight trail that makes sure you capture the trend.  It might give you a little wiggle room, but for the most part, this is one of the tightest trailing systems you can find. Edge Trail is a great thing to slap on a fast mover of which you have skin in the game.

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The Turtle Trader Method has been around for decades, and we are developing an indicator that takes you through the steps. It starts with a Donchian Channel break and finishes with this ATR trailing stop. It is part of this collection, click!  If you like the book, you'll want to check-in often to see if TTM related scripts are available.

Standard ATR Trail

Edge Trail


An interesting take on the ATR stop, the ATR BreakEven is different in that it will not jump in value.  Most ATR based stops immediately give you the (ATR * factor) room to work, but not this one.  How this trail gets its name is by making you earn the ATR room by beginning a move away from the "breaking even" line.  Click the picture for more details!